Information Management

At Intellizant, we offer Information Management solutions that deliver trusted information throughout your (Organization) information supply chain and help you analyze the information to gain detailed insights, identify breakdowns & areas of improvement, and make better operational and business decisions that will optimize your business.

Data Management: We offer wide range of Database software and data management solutions with proven capabilities for reducing the cost and complexity of managing your organization’s data, improving business agility, and leverage your organization’s core asset - your data.

Data Integration: Information integration is a process of integrating and transforming data & content to deliver meaningful, validated, consistent, timely and complete information thereby governing its quality throughout its life cycle. We offer market-leading data integration solutions to help you ensure trusted information is used in critical business initiatives.

Security: Breach of data from an organization’s safekeeping can cost millions of dollars not considering the negative impact on the reputation, customer loyalty, loss of revenue and the possibility of fines or other penalties imposed by various federal laws HIPAA, DDP, PIPEDA, PCI DSS among others which require De-identifying or encrypting confidential data to protect privacy and support compliance with various regulations.

Data Analytics and Warehousing: Intellizant offers a wide variety of data warehousing and analytic solutions specific to your needs taking into account all the industry best practices and industry standard solutions which could include multidimensional and data mining to high speed streaming among others.

Data Life Cycle Management: Comprehensive Data Lifecycle Management solutions offered by Intellizant includes managing data from requirements gathering to archiving. All the solutions are designed to Boost performance, empower collaboration, and improve governance across applications, databases and platforms.

We design and implement data/information management solutions to help organizations achieve a real time view of data at various levels within the organization to meet growth, revenue-generation & cost-reduction goals.


Sathya Adusumilli
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