IT Operations and Maintenance

At Intellizant we provide a full suite of IT operations and maintenance support for our clients. Our disciplined approach to IT operations and maintenance is derived from lessons learned in hundreds of successful projects, and will be tailored to individual projects to assure available, reliable, efficient and secure IT operations. We believe in providing reliable services by performing through analysis of the system which enables us to predict some issues (Predictive Mode) and take necessary preventive measures (Preventive Mode) rather than wait until the issue surfaces and then resolve them (Reactive Mode). Operations and maintenance services provided by Intellizant will include all software and hardware assets, PC-client/server, network-backbone-front end processors and all clients networks.

Intellizant’s Methodology / Technical Approach to Operations and Maintenance:

    • Perform Requirements Analysis
    • Establish Management Processes
    • Determine Help Desk and Support Processes
    • Plan and Execute Transition
    • Establish Maintenance Support
    • Establish Technology Infusion Processes
    • Conduct Evaluation, Feedback, and Quality Improvement


Sathya Adusumilli
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