Management Consulting
Enterprise Business Transformation
Transformation is a buzz word that is often used these days by executives at public and private organizations. But what does it mean? Intellizant, having worked with many clients understand the challenges created by changes and disruptions, and why organizations need to rethink how they deliver “value” in such an environment. A key factor in creating value starts with business transformation; rethinking of how one creates value.

At the core of Intellizant's capabilities is Business Transformation. We help our clients align their business strategic goals and innovate for their future in an agile environment. While this can be complicated and time intensive, we streamline and optimize the business transformation process by closely engaging with clients, leveraging our experience, and creating an executable roadmap that is aligned with their strategic goals. Our approach to transformation is holistic in nature. Intellizant not only looks at typical elements of a transformation process such as assessments, process changes, and technology introduction, but also considers senior executive buy-in and on-going support, effective communication of the full life cycle of the transformation process to everyone, training, and active client engagement at all phases to successfully transform the enterprise.

Our Business Transformation methodology is ACE - Assess (simplify and engage with client) - Create/Change (create transformational roadmap) - Empower the client.

Regardless of economic conditions, there are always opportunities to improve operations, technology, and overall strategic positioning. By engaging Intellizant, we help clients analyze, design, change, and empower the organization to successfully meet their strategic goals while maximizing their return on investment (ROI).

We at Intellizant recognize that no two transformations are alike, but our agile approach to address business and technology challenges, has enabled clients to achieve their goals & objectives. Depending on the problem, we provide targeted improvement solutions, provide guidance in the creation and execution of the business transformation strategy, or diagnose issues to redesign core business functions.

Intellizant's business transformation efforts combine our management consulting and technology know-how to facilitate our client's success. Our strength is in the “execution” of the strategic vision and roadmap, with focus on people, processes, and technologies.
Management Consulting
Business Process Management (BPM)
Are your business processes disconnected? Are you delivering value to your customers effectively and efficiently? If the answer is yes to the first question and no to the second question, engaging in Business Process Management is critical to address these deficiencies.

Intellizant helps organizations manage change successfully while developing and operating scalable, efficient, and agile business processes to create both immediate and long-term competitive advantages.

While many companies help with specific elements of BPM, Intellizant provides its' clients with a distinctive combination of business and functional skills, methodologies, and partnerships with technology providers that maximize value.

Intellizant views BPM not as a tool, but a framework that not only allows clients to achieve their organizational goal of agility and operational excellence, but also strong governance to ensure sustainable change.

Intellizant's BPM program begins with the assessment of an organization's process maturity, followed by development of a BPM Roadmap, and finally application of proven methodologies to implement and ensure that the practice of business process management becomes the operational norm for continuous improvement, rather than a fad. Some key elements of our BPM program involve:

Creating or enhancing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), forms, and policies
Defining roles and responsibilities of key personnel managing the BPM initiative
Creating an early pilot project to establish the credibility for the BPM program
Focusing on value drivers of productivity and visibility via metrics and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Creating a common business process repository
Creating the modeling methodology along with training materials
Designing a BPM governance process
Creating a BPM Center of Excellence
Benchmarking against industry best practices
Applying Balanced Scorecard metrics
Creating and utilizing management and other operational dashboards
Management Consulting
Why strategize at all? Simply put, it provides an organization a unified sense of direction and spells out measurable goals to address on-going changes and challenges.

Intellizant “collaborates” with our clients to develop successful strategies and blueprints to adapt and navigate the unprecedented pressures of an ever-changing world, and constantly evolving competitive landscape and mission dynamics. We help senior executives weigh different strategic options, assess and define risks, assist in selecting optimal business and technology strategic choices that can maximize stakeholder value and ensure the strategic vision is sustainable and actionable.

Intellizant's strategy practice services and guides clients in Federal, DoD, State and Local, and private organizations to formulate and execute realistic and actionable business and technology blueprints that will have the greatest impact for the entire organization. We at Intellizant, have a motto. Do it right the first time, from start to finish.
Our strategy offerings include:

Business Transformation Strategy — Help our clients identify and enact fundamental changes affecting the entire enterprise, and remedy serious impediments to growth and market leadership, or mission achievement. The resulting strategy, jointly developed with the client, will create, or realign the vision, mission, value, and goals of the organization. We create a roadmap/blueprint and set of actions with the necessary structure to support the business objectives.

Digital Transformation Strategy — Intellizant tackles the rollout of a Digital Transformation strategy from an enterprise business perspective. We start the whole process by assessing the current and future state of the enterprise's business requirements. Once this is complete, Intellizant creates a blueprint/roadmap, and begin to define the processes and resources necessary to successfully implement the enterprise level digital transformation strategy.

Operational Strategy — Identify and formulate tactical strategies at the operational level that will support and align with the enterprise's overall strategy; specifically defining the problem and challenges faced by the clients. Intellizant utilizes tools such as surveys, interviews, data analysis and industry best-practices and works with the clients to make the right choices about value creation, customers, products, and services.
Management Consulting
Organization and Human Capital Development
Many organizations, whether public or private, are considered successful because they have succeeded in introducing innovative products/services, changing market paradigms, and opening new markets or creating new capabilities. But for all such organizations there is one key element that allows them to stand out; the talent of their people and how effective they can work together. With the right people and skills anything is possible. Without talented people organizations fail and to that end Intellizant is ready to assist in your organization's human capital development process.

At Intellizant, we understand that your human capital is the life of your organization. With our methodology and our seasoned consultants, we focus on an organization's core competencies, assess individual talents against those core competencies, and assist the organization to enhance and grow its talent pool to take the organization where it wants to go. Defining and developing an organization competency profile is the key to managing employee performance and overall organizational performance.

Our methodology is - Assess, Align & Enhance, and Achieve.

Intellizant's goal is to ensure the organization has a successful and sustainable talent management plan. We believe it is important to start with the goals the organization expects to achieve and then define and align the talent needed to achieve those goals. To get the most out your workforce, it is critical to understand the abilities of the individuals hired to get the job done now and to meet future needs. Using Intellizant's method of assessing and enhancing employees' competencies, we work with your organization to align individuals with the appropriate competencies to management's business objectives, resulting in synergized efforts to reach targeted goals. Intellizant can help the organization define their core competencies, inventory their talents, and allow management the ability to share and draw upon the right talents when needed.

We also consider performance metrics such as leadership commitment and communication effectiveness. We manage and align expectations from the top of the organization to the bottom by engaging stakeholders and providing support and stabilization to ensure the plan is implemented successfully and sustainable. People support what they have helped to create. Therefore, we take a collaborative approach to creating organizations that have the right human capital that can deliver excellence in service/products to their customers.

Intellizant wants to be your collaborative partner who will work with you to align and achieve the overall organizational strategy and goals for the organization and meet its current and future human capital performance needs by creating the necessary infrastructure.
Management Consulting
Change Management
Change is a word that is often used, but few recognize that change is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve. Change entails breaking from the norm, and therefore entails a significant set of trials and tribulations, before desired results can be achieved. Change is not just about technology and processes, but how “people” are brought together to achieve the desired outcome. Intellizant has the experience and track record of preparing and getting the workforce to successfully navigate the turbulence that follows change initiatives.

At Intellizant, we understand a strong change management plan is the catalyst for a successful organizational transition or technology implementation. If your organization does not recognize the importance of engaging and preparing the workforce, the rate of project failure increases.

Therefore, our methodology brings together four important factors into one overall change management strategy:

Strategic Communication - Providing the workforce with concise and timely communications that promote organization-wide transparency and plan for how communications will be delivered consistently in multiple ways.

Workforce Transition - Ensuring the right individuals are in the right roles at the right time to reduce post-transition issues. Establish supporting mechanisms such as performance metrics or setting up a help desk to facilitate transition in the workplace.

Leadership Alignment - Equipping leaders to prepare the workforce by developing clearly thought-out, Leadership Development Plans and utilizing other tools.

Outreach and Training - Identifying the appropriate instructional vehicles in line with the organizations business processes and strategy to prepare the workforce.
Management Consulting
Business/Operations Continuity Solutions
Business continuity is vital to any organizations' success. In today's interconnected world, virtually every aspect of an organization's operations is vulnerable to disruption. To address these disruptions, implementing a business continuity plan and set of solutions prior to occurring is critical to an organization's operation.

Intellizant provides business continuity and resiliency solutions that are proactive in nature to keep your organization running in the event of an internal or external risk or threat in lock step with your IT organization. Our Solutions ensure a more robust continuity plan is developed by incorporating and prioritizing business and IT needs and building a diverse continuity team that represent critical functions within one's organization that need to be up and running.

Intellizant provides clients with flexible and dynamic solutions that are essential to continuity and addressing growing risks, security vulnerabilities, and regulatory demands.  The business continuity plan is and must be a living document that is kept current.

Continuity program assessment - Assessing the current state of your organization's continuity program as benchmarked against one or more continuity standards and program development strategies.

Risk management - Identifying, assessing, and mitigating the impact to business from various types of risks and threats.

Continuity planning and organizational resilience - Developing recovery strategies and implementing continuity plans to ensure your organization is prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to any hazard that threatens to disrupt normal operations.

Develop business continuity resource requirements

Alternate operations facility selection and assessment - Assisting in the selection or assessment and evaluation of your organization's continuity facility to meet relocation requirements.

Regulatory compliance - Responding to regulatory requirements associated with business resiliency

Training, testing, and exercises - Planning and implementing training, test design, and exercises to ensure continuity capabilities are embedded in your organization.

Information protection - Ensuring that vital records and data are available and accessible in the event of a disruption.

Disaster recovery - Ensuring that human capital, processes, and systems are able to fully recover and respond to catastrophic disruptions that may require recovery through a redundant facility. 
Business Intelligence AI/ML
There is growing emphasis across federal and corporate enterprises to increase the value of their IT/digital initiatives to support effective and efficient business operations with sustainable competitive advantages while having to meet mandated conformance requirements. Technology will never stop evolving and in fact the pace is accelerating. Having an innovation partner like Intellizant will enable organizations to formulate a Digital Transformation plan, create an Enterprise Architecture (EA) framework and roadmap to meet the business needs through adoption of the optimal business processes, culture, and customer experience thru smart introduction of digital technology solutions.

As part of the end-to-end digital transformation, organizations still need to manage their budgets, objectively measure the performance of existing initiatives, determine the viability of future investments, and position themselves to take advantage of new opportunities and advances in digital innovations, but in the end must create added “value”.

Every year, federal and state and local governments dedicate billions of dollars towards the modernization of IT infrastructure and mission related IT programs that offer its citizens a wide variety of services. However, recent published data indicate that on average government IT projects succeed less than 20% of the time.

Intellizant understands and has helped organizations align and integrate client organization's digital transformation strategy with the business strategy. Creating a digital transformation plan within the context of an organization's business goals, objectives, and requirements will allow management to make effective decisions regarding digital technology resource investments, and ROI on digital technology expenditures/investments. Intellizant has the breadth of perspectives and depth of experience to work with your organization to achieve optimal and sustainable results.

Intellizant's Digital Transformation solutions leverage industry best practices and will help

Create an enterprise architecture (EA), the blueprint for the digital transformation
Identify where IT/digital technologies can provide the most value for the organization
Help to define, manage, and address conflicting approaches
Identify opportunities to improve and/or leverage its existing IT Portfolio
Identify existing and emerging digital technologies that can improve operations
Develop a plan of action and major milestones towards end-to-end digital transformation and Value creation
Technology Consulting
Cloud Services & Mainframe Modernization
Ever since former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt coined the term “cloud computing” back in 2006, some estimates indicate 90% of organizations are already on the cloud in some capacity but have done so without a clear-cut blueprint or strategy, a complicating factor. Effective cloud services and mainframe modernization (Fujitsu recently announced phasing out its mainframe systems) is an efficient and smart way to deliver IT services to all end users. Building an IT cloud services delivery environment lets your organization increase the agility while maintaining control and security of a wide variety of IT products and services, scalability, lower cost of ownership, flexibility, and less complex IT infrastructure management.

Intellizant's cloud solutions and mainframe migration efforts involve working closely with client organizations to assess IT requirements in support of Business requirements, creating a roadmap, transforming how IT needs can be met by creating a robust yet flexible cloud or on-premises distributed platform, while ensuring all systems are secure from internal and external risks. Intellizant recently was successful in migrating a mainframe system at the Department of Health and Services with an operational cost savings of 60%.

Intellizant's cloud services delivery strategy focuses on key applications that are critical to the organization's mission while adding or upgrading capability and flexibility without impacting access and usage of existing applications. The primary focus of our service is availability, performance, and security of applications and associated infrastructure. We test applications for cloud readiness, monitor application performances and their underlying infrastructure, ensure service health, and make sure the client's IT environment is secure from possible cyber-attacks or other risk factors.

Intellizant offers expertise in current and emerging technologies and provide cloud services on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.

Our cloud services include:

Architecture Services - Application, platform and infrastructure architectures for cloud or hybrid cloud or multi-cloud implementation

Cloud Migration Services- Strategies, solutions, and migration to a cloud based platform for all applications and data/information

Cloud Based Development Services - Build, integrate and deploy scalable applications securely into multi-tenant private cloud

Dev-Sec-Ops Services - Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and continuous integration and continuous development pipelines using agile technologies
Technology Consulting
IT Operations and Maintenance
There is a strong correlation between performance levels of the IT operations and maintenance (O&M) organization with the probability of an organization achieving their business goals. Lack of efficiency, poor user engagement, minimal innovation, and inefficient cost allocation are challenges faced by IT organizations. Intellizant is fully aware of these pain points and is experienced in aligning the business goals with how the IT O&M organization should be managed and supported.

Intellizant provides a full suite of IT operations and maintenance support for our clients. Our disciplined yet flexible approach to IT operations and maintenance has been derived from our experience and lessons learned from delivering challenging yet successful projects to public and private clients. We assess the business and IT demands to tailor and deliver best-in-class solutions that deliver reliable, efficient, and secure IT operations.

Intellizant provides software applications, software development life cycle (SDLC) support, operations services, and testing support. Our team specializes in supporting critical HR and financial business systems. Reliable and efficient services drive our Intellizant team. We perform a thorough analysis of system usage, identify potential failure points (Predictive Mode), and take necessary preventive measures (Preventive Mode) rather than wait until issues surface.

Operations and maintenance services provided by Intellizant include all software and hardware assets, PC-client/server, mainframe, cloud, network-backbone-front end processors, and all client networks.

Intellizant's Methodology/Technical Approach to Operations and Maintenance:

Perform Requirements Analysis
Establish Management Processes
Determine Help Desk and Support Processes
Plan and Execute Transition
Establish Maintenance Support
Establish Technology Infusion Processes
Conduct Evaluation, Feedback, and Quality Improvement
Technology Consulting
Information Management
Information Management is a tool to solve business problems. With advancements in IT technology the growth of data created, used, and consumed has grown exponentially. Given this environment, organizations need Information Management to bring together validated business processes, information/data, technology, and information systems for users to get the Right information/data to drive business.

Intellizant offers Information Management solutions that deliver trusted information throughout the organization's information supply chain in meeting business needs. We analyze information needs, inventory existing IT resources, identify gaps in resources, breakdown points and areas for improvement, develop a roadmap jointly with the client, and execute the plan of action to optimize and satisfy the information needs of the organization. Elements of our Information Management solutions include Data Management, Data Integration, Data Analytics & Warehousing, Data Security, and Data Life Cycle Management.

Data Life Cycle Management: We offer a wide range of database software and data management solutions that have a proven track record of reducing cost and complexity. We help manage an organization's data, improve business agility, and leverage an organization's current core asset - your data. Intellizant's master data management solutions apply business rules derived from industry best practices to build a master information database, a trusted single information repository regardless of where the data is stored, while boosting performance, empowering collaboration, and improving governance across applications, databases, and platforms.

Data Analytics: Data growth is a top challenge in most organizations and data analytics allows organizations to capture and manage data. Intellizant specializes in data visualization, predictive analytics (Tableau, Hyperion, OBIEE), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and cognitive intelligence.

Data Integration: Data integration is a process of integrating and transforming data & content to deliver meaningful, validated, consistent, timely, and complete information, while governing the quality of the data/information throughout its life cycle. We offer market-leading data integration solutions that deliver trusted information in support of critical business initiatives.

Security: Breach of data of an organization's information systems can not only cost millions of dollars but have negative impact on reputation, loss of customer loyalty, reduction in revenue and customers, and the possibility of fines or other penalties imposed (by various federal laws HIPAA, DDP, PIPEDA, PCI DSS among others). In the event of a breach, we identify the source of the breach, implement process changes, and encrypt confidential data to protect privacy and support compliance with regulations.

Intellizant designs and implements information management solutions to help organizations achieve real time view of information at all levels within the organization to meet growth, revenue-generation & cost-reduction goals.

Copyright by Intellizant. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Intellizant. All rights reserved.